Rug of the Day: Yá’át’ééh Késhmish (Merry Christmas) from Louise Bia

Louise Bia Twin Santas

Hover your mouse over the picture for a closer look.

Tempe, AZ   The art of pictorial weaving lends itself to this time of year and Louise Bia is one of the top practitioners when it comes to Christmas pictorials.  Everything here is beautifully proportioned, and the twin Santa figures have their own personalities that reflect Louise’s weaving skill.  This rug was woven at a 90 degree angle to the display, meaning that everything was woven sideways.  Louise does one or two of these per year.  Although these are Christmas figures, I hope that they will brighten whatever you are celebrating.   

Have a happy and meaningful holiday season!  


Hagoshíí (so long for now)

Mary Walker

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