Rug of the Day: Christmas Club Burntwater by Laramie Blake

Burntwater by Laramie Blake

Laramie Blake with her Christmas Club Burntwater

Tempe, AZ    If you’re a regular reader, you may remember that 20 year old fourth generation weaver Laramie Blake  has been attending college in the Phoenix valley and has just completed her first semester.  Laramie has been weaving to finance her educational expenses and thought that she had the piece she’s holding in the picture above sold.  Well, it just didn’t work out, so she’s offering it here at $150.   Weaving in Beauty isn’t getting any part of the money and we’re absorbing the credit card fees for this item.   We’ll also make sure that Laramie gets the money the same day that the rug is purchased.   Update:  Laramie’s rug has been sold, but she is happy to take orders for small weavings.   Please contact me for details. 

Laramie’s weaving is 12″x14.5″ and would look great on a wall or a table.   The Burntwater design is one that’s often woven by Laramie’s family and consists of geometric patterns woven with yarns that were traditionally vegetally dyed.  Laramie’s little piece is woven with commercially dyed Brown Sheep yarns and she wove it in between her classes and homework along with several other small pieces.   As is traditional for a young weaver, Laramie’s mother Emily Malone still does her warps for her and sends them down to Laramie.  

You can see more pictures  on this page.   

Yá’át’ééh Késhmish!  (Merry Christmas)

Mary Walker

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