Can Candace Fix It? Yes, She Can!

Candace Can!

Candace is one of our continuing weaving students and had set up her third weaving, hoping to work on it during the holiday break of 2022.  She wanted to challenge herself, so she selected an ambitious Eyedazzler pattern.  It would demand that she pay attention to the weft position on each and every row.  … Read about Candace’s persistence in fixing and finishing her project.

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Send in the Clones Part II: The Pueblo Grande Museum Navajo Rug Auction and Gathering of Weavers

If you read yesterday’s article, you understand why I’m going to the Gathering of Weavers: Navajo Weavers Marketplace at the Heard Museum on November 2.  Today, I’m going to extol the virtues of the Pueblo Grand Annual Navajo Rug Auction and then you’ll understand why I can’t pass that event up either.   What’s the…

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