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It’s Up to Her: The Significance of Design Elements

By Mary Walker | August 4, 2007

Earlier this week, Warren Stromberg sent me the question below as part of a longer post. I’ve followed it with my answer, but both of us hope that this question stimulates more comment, especially from the weavers out there. “I am aware that authors ranging from Gladys Reichard to Kate Peck Kent have published comments…

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58th Annual Navajo Arts and Culture Festival Scheduled for August 4th and 5th

By Mary Walker | August 1, 2007

For some reason, this event always sneaks up on me and I never get to attend. Every year, the Museum of Northern Arizona holds festivals of both Navajo and Hopi culture, and this weekend is the Navajo event. Morris Muskett, TahNiBaa Naataanii and Suzanne Harvey will be demonstrating weaving and there will be a showing…

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