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Advanced Seminar Day 2, Visiting the Gallup Inter-tribal Ceremonial

By Mary Walker | August 12, 2007

We had a wonderful full day of weaving in Window Rock. Several of the participants are working on patterns incorporating a design element that we have dubbed the Window Rock Wave. You can see the wave pattern in the piece Liz Munk is working in on the picture at right. The teal and pink wavy…

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Advanced Weaving Seminar: Day 1

By Mary Walker | August 11, 2007

Today we began our second seminar for advanced weavers who use Navajo techniques. We’re in Window Rock at the Quality Inn Navajo Nation Capital. This class is designed as a small (five student maximum class for weavers who are interested in extending their skills or researching aspects of Navajo technique.  This year’s group includes weavers…

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