Meeting the Code Talkers

As we were finishing our lunch break today, we noticed that one of the celebrated Navajo Code Talkers had entered the dining room. He was going to another one of the conference rooms, and we quickly realized that a camera hadWeaving Group with Code Talkers been set up for an interview. We were given permission to witness the interview on the condition that we be very quiet, and we were privileged to listen to Keith Little and Samuel Tso talk about their experiences in World War II. Both had been in various campaigns in the South Pacific and on Iwo Jima. After the interview, Mr. Little and Mr. Tso were kind enough to pose for a picture with our group . From left, you’ll see Barbara Spelman, Jennie Slick, Code Talker Samuel Tso, Judith Sutton and Code Talker Keith Little.

Much has been written and said about the contribution of the Code Talkers to victory in the Pacific, and it is gratifying to see that people are now documenting that contribution and honoring it. There will be an event honoring the Code Talkers tomorrow morning here in Window Rock, and many Marine Corps members are here this evening. Today, we were not only weaving in beauty, we were weaving among heroes.

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