Weaving in Beauty Classes for 2009 Available for Registration

Bruce Burnham talks with our May, 2008 weaving class.

Above: Trader Bruce Burnham discusses weaving with our May 2008 class. The rugs in the background are by Mae Clark.

I’ve just finished posting our Weaving in Beauty classes for 2009 and they are now open for registration:  The classes we’ve scheduled are

  • Weaving Class and Tour (May 9-16)
  • Advanced Weaving Seminar (August 8-13)
  • Natural Dye Retreat (August 13-15)
  • Weaving Class and Tour (August 16-23)
  • Weaving Class and Tour (October 3-10)

All the classes are taught on the Navajo Nation by Navajo instructors Jennie Slick or Rose Dedman.  The Weaving Class and Tour and Natural Dye Retreat are appropriate for any level of expertise and no prior weaving or dyeing experience is assumed or required.  The Advanced Weaving Seminar is an opportunity for concentrated and uninterrupted study of weaving and students are required to know how to warp independently and should be comfortable with the basics of weaving.

The cost of the classes has (sigh) gone up for next year for reasons that all of us probably understand all too well.   I have tried to hold the costs to a minimum while maintaining the quality of the experience and providing an appropriate level of compensation for the instructors.

You can read more about each of the classes and register at the Weaving in Beauty Mercantile, our online store.  Please contact me or leave a comment if you have questions about the classes, which I’ve been coordinating for (I can’t believe this) 10 years.

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