Navajo Looms

Most Navajo looms used today are home built and constructed from simple materials.  The idea of buying a loom built by someone outside of your family is a new one.  We offer free plans to build a small loom like the ones we use in Window Rock here.  You’ll also find a link on that page for a loom plan based on those used at Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site.  

We like and carry the Dovetail Student Loom.  Dovetail Woodworks builds the loom in Colorado using specifications developed by our friend, the late Belle Rosing.  We also sell looms made by Navajo craftsman Fred Tso, but Fred is not able to build looms right now because his current home lacks electricity.  We’re trying help Fred with that issue and when he has looms to sell, we will list them.   


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