Directly from the Weaver: Dazzling Birds by Caroline Dick

Weaving by Caroline DickTempe, AZ Joe Newman, who sent us the information on Alice Thompson’s weavings last week, has also sent us a beautiful image of the work of another weaver who is now selling her work directly to collectors.  Above, you can see Caroline Dick, who lives in the Tuba City area of Arizona,  with one of her signature works, an elegantly designed version of the Tree of Life.   The intricate band designs made even more graphically striking because of the painstaking outlining of the design elements.  Caroline also vegetally dyed most of the yarn with native plants.

The weaving is 25″x45 or 7.8 square feet.  It is priced at $2500, or about $320 per square foot.  You can contact Caroline for more information or pictures.   We hope to see more of Caroline’s exquisite work in the future!

Hagoshíí (so long for now)

Mary Walker

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