For the last three years, Liz Munk, Jennie Slick and I have been working on a new instructional book on Navajo weaving.  We’ve completed sections on loom building, spinning and warping and drafted sections on weaving.  Right now, I’m working on pulling all of this work into book form, which is why I haven’t posted over the last week.  I’ll try to do better as I’m pulling the rest of the project together.  Our goal is have the book ready by the end of the year (yes, THIS year, 2008).

What we’re hoping to do is to build on the work done by Tiana Bighorse, Noel Bennett, Mary Pendleton and Caroline Spurgeon and we’ll be including multimedia resources with the book.  I’ll keep you posted on the project’s progress!

Mary Walker

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  1. Carol J Dewing on June 17, 2009 at 6:13 am

    Ya’at’eeh !!

    Have just purchased Navajo Weaving Way–(beautiful!)
    In it you mention working on a book to be called Weavers Notes—including stories etc. Am interested in this when you publish it.

    Carol J Dewing