New Year, New Rug Auctions, New Rugs to Admire

Marlowe Katoney with his Black Rock Country weaving

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Tempe, AZ  I attended my first rug auction of the year last Saturday. The Friends of Hubbell teamed with R.B. Burnham Native Auctions for an event benefiting the Arizona State Museum and Friends of Hubbell and held in conjunction with the Southwest Indian Fair.  The money raised will help to provide scholarship funds for Native American students, and some of the students, like Spider Rock Girls Laramie and LaVera Blake, are also weavers.  

I acquired two new pieces for the Mercantile and weaver Marlowe Katoney left the piece above, entitled Black Rock Country, with me on consignment. Marlowe’s design talents are obvious and I’ve been a fan of his work since I first saw it last year. Back then, I got a small pictorial that was sold almost immediately and I’ve been outbid for his work ever since.  This particular weaving is Marlowe’s vision of the sere landscape north of his home in Winslow, Arizona, where the Painted Desert is overlain by outcroppings of volcanic rock that look like dinosaurs and birds and all manner of creatures depending on the time of day,  the place where you’re standing and how you’re seeing the world on that particular day.  Marlowe has this weaving priced at $1000, but is very willing to consider reasonable offers, so contact me if you’d like me to present one.  Click here to see more details and pictures.  

Also new in the Mercantile you’ll find another Marlowe Katoney weaving called Floating Utility and a Mother Earth Father Sky Sandpainting rug by master weaver Bertha Chee.   These are both somewhat high end pieces and part of the purchase price went to the Friends of Hubbell scholarship fund.  Pictures of both are below and students of weaving technique will find lots to admire in all three of these rugs.   If you’re going to be in a Weaving in Beauty class, you may get to meet them in person!  

Mother Earth Father Sky by Bertha Chee

Mother Earth Father Sky Sandpainting Rug by Bertha Chee

Marlowe Katoney's Floating Utility

Floating Utility by Marlowe Katoney

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I took plenty of other pictures and I’ll share some more on Wednesday!

Hagoshíí (so long for now)

Mary Walker

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  1. Kathi Ouellet on February 23, 2012 at 9:22 am

    Hi Mary! You must come see our Antique Weaving Show! It starts today (Thursday, 23) and goes until next Wednesday. We hung it yesterday, and we have amazing blankets, a sandpainting weaving, a single-figured Yeii, and many more. I know you’d love it, and we’d love to see you!

    Kathi, River Trading Post, Scottsdale