2009 Sheep is Life Celebration

This wonderful churro is blissfully unaware of the beauty of that Red Mesa fleece. If only I had some shears...if only I knew HOW to shear...

Farmington, NM Jennie Slick and I are on our way to do a Navajo Weaving Boot Camp at Bear Lake in Utah and we had a chance to stop by the Sheep is Life Celebration today.  The event is being held on the campus of Navajo Preparatory Academy in Farmington, New Mexico and celebrates the Navajo lifeway.   There is still a full day of events tomorrow, including the sheep show, banquet and rug auction.   The event includes many workshops, free public seminars and round table discussions.  Even if your transporter beam to Farmington isn’t operational this year, start planning to be at a future event.

One of the highlights of Sheep is Life is opportunity to meet sheep husbandry experts like Dr. Lyle McNeal, who founded the Navajo-Churro Sheep Project.  That’s Dr. McNeal at the right in the picture below.

Dr. Lyle McNeal (right) with some Navajo-churro wool that is a central feature of the Sheep is Life Celebration

Hagoshíí (so long for now)

Mary Walker

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