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Jane Hyden’s Navajo Shoe Game Pictorial Rug

By Mary Walker | November 16, 2014

A Story of Night and Day: the Navajo Shoe Game Pictorial RugJane Hyden’s latest Pictorial rug celebrates the very first Navajo Shoe Game or Késhjéé.   This first game was played long, long ago.  At that time, the night animals and the day animals did not understand the importance of the cycles of the universe and…

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Crownpoint Rug Auction Update: Auction Scheduled for September 12

By Mary Walker | August 31, 2014

Here’s a brief Crownpoint Rug Auction update. According to the auction’s Facebook page and web site, an auction will be held on September 12, which would have been the originally scheduled date.  I would advise contacting those sources for the latest information and to confirm the date before you travel to the auction. Hagoshíí (so…

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