Want to Have a Fun Fiber Sunday? Try a Mini Sheep is Life!


Jennie Slick at yesterday’s Mini Sheep is Life at Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site.

Ganado, AZ  It just doesn’t get better than a Sunday at a Sheep is Life event for Jennie Slick and me.  Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site hosted the event today and there were areas where people could learn about carding and spinning, vegetal dyeing and weaving.  Jay Begay, Beverly Allen, Ilene Naegle and Jennie all answered questions for attendees and enjoyed visiting with new and old friends.  The goal of an event like this is to provide the community with an opportunity to learn about traditional Navajo wool processing and weaving in an informal setting.

Be sure to bookmark the Sheep is Life web site so that you can keep up with their events, which include monthly spin-off events held throughout the Navajo Nation and the annual Sheep is Life celebration.  Sheep is Life events are always fun and they are always free.  There’s a gallery of pictures below that should help show you how much fun this one was.  We had to to leave a little early because of an impending thunderstorm, but it held off for most of the afternoon and since we really need the rain, it was a perfect end to the day.

Hagoshíí (so long for now)

Mary Walker

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