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Trading Posts

Weaving in Beauty October Class: A Field Trip to R.B. Burnham and Company

Window Rock, AZ After a quiet morning of weaving with instructor Jennie Slick (pictured above), we spent the afternoon at R.B. Burnham and Company Trading Post in Sanders, AZ.  Burnham’s has wool that is custom-spun for Navajo weaving and all of our classes really enjoy browsing through the vegetally dyed colors that hang from ceiling…

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The Business of Navajo Weaving in a Down Economy

Several people have asked me how Navajo weavers are doing in this economic downturn. That’s not an easy question to answer because Navajo weaving is sold in several ways, each affected differently by economic conditions. Most Navajo weaving is sold as Native American craft work.  Although this market has slowed, it has drawn strength from…

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