The Finish Line! Three Rugs Done


Our May 2009 Weaving in Beauty Class: first row, from left, Linda Fasel, Mary Mathiowetz, instructor Jennie Slick, Barbara Nicodemus. Back row from left: Libby McKee, Karen Mittleider, Marcia Krickhahn, Deb Fjetland


Window Rock, AZ I know it’s late, but I had to share pictures of three rugs that were finished today by our students (the class picture is above).  Sisters Mary Mathiowetz and Deb Fjetland finished their pieces earlier this evening and you can see them below with Jennie Slick.  Deb is a first time weaver and Mary is a student of the late Belle Rosing.


Deb Fjetland (left) and Mary Mathiowetz (right) with weaving instructor Jennie Slick and their completed projects.

Hot off the loom!  Another piece was finished.   You can see it below.


Another finished rug!

Another finished rug!

I’ll sign off until tomorrow and I’ll be working on a gallery of pictures for your perusal over the next few days.  Another student will be finishing her piece in the morning and the others will be completed at home.  We’ll be closing this class session tomorrow, but in the Navajo tradition the spirit of the class will continue as long as there is anyone to remember it.

Hagoshíí (so long for now)

Mary Walker


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