A Visit with Barbara Teller Ornelas and Lynda Teller Pete at Their Navajo Weaving Workshop in Tucson

Weaving Class at Grandmas's Spinning Wheel

Barbara Teller Ornelas and Lynda Teller Pete with their class, niece Roxanne and nephew Terry at Grandmas's Spinning Wheel in Tucson.

Tucson, AZ  I just got back from a delightful visit with Barbara Teller Ornelas and Lynda Teller Pete and their class at Grandma’s Spinning Wheel in Tucson, Arizona.  Lynda and Barbara are doing a three day workshop and their students where having a great time.  The class will be repeated February 12-14, 2012, so now would be the time to let Vicky at Grandma’s Spinning Wheel know if you are interested.  You can email her at spinningramma@aol.com or call the shop at 520-290-3738.  Cost for the workshop is $375 which includes use of a pre-warped loom and tools.  Both looms and tools will also be available for purchase.  This is a wonderful opportunity to study with two master weavers who are also great teachers.

Barbara and Lynda have a nephew Terry who is making some wonderful looking tools, some of them beautifully decorated.  There are couple of pictures of one of his forks below and you can contact Lynda if you’re interested in more information on them.  I hope to be able to try some of them out myself! 

Navajo Weaving Fork Detail of Weaving Fork 

Hagoshíí (so long for now)

Mary Walker

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