2011 Sarah Natani Workshops Added to Learn to Weave Listings

Sarah Natani

Weaver and teacher Sarah Natani spins at the Heard Museum Indian Market in 2009

Tempe, AZ The listings for Sarah Natani’s 2011 weaving workshops have just been added to the Where to Learn Indigenous Techniques page.  Sarah will be offering classes in Mendocino, California (June 13-17), at the Taos Wool Festival (September 26-30), at her home in Table Mesa, New Mexico (September 19-23) and at the Hill Creek Fiber Studio in Columbia, Missouri (November 13-18).  Tuition for each class varies by venue.

At its core, Navajo weaving is totally self-sufficient, produced only with the materials and skills already in the possession of the weaver and students in Sarah’s classes will experience a glimpse of the full range of skills and activities that encompass weaving in that Navajo sense.   From Sarah’s viewpoint, the process of weaving begins when a lamb is born and continues until the finished product goes on to the people who will ultimately use it.  Sarah is a wonderful guide for that process.

Hagoshíí (so long for now)

Mary Walker

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