Handy Helpers

Hooks, needles and other gadgets that we’ve found help with our weaving.  

Bamboo Curved Needle Assortment

Bamboo Curved Needle Assortment

Three bamboo needles with blunt bent tips will help you in various stages of your weaving.  Includes one each in 5″, 4″ and 3.5 inch lengths. The purchase link will take you to our online store.  

Bamboo Needle Assortment($6.95)

 Bamboo afghan hook

 14″ Bamboo Afghan Hooks

Thin and small, these 14″ long hooks in sizes B-E will help you with finishing and working pattern in areas where you have a very narrow or no shed.  The non-hook end is tapered and plain so there is nothing to snag on your warp.  Order size B or C for fine yarns, order size D or E for heavier weights.

Cost $4.65
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