New in the Mercantile: Portable Navajo Looms by Fred Tso

Fred Tso Looms

Fred Tso’s standard and large portable Navajo Looms are now available from the Weaving in Beauty Mercantile

Weavers who use Navajo techniques and are looking for a small portable Navajo loom now have a new option!  Jennie Slick’s son, Fred Tso has been building small looms for our classes and we sold every single one that he made except for one that Jennie uses because Fred’s daughter decided to help her Dad out and smeared blue paint on the top beam.  Since our classes are over until February, we’ve finally got some of this looms to sell.  The loom is modeled on the traditional Navajo loom and has handy legs that let it stand on a table. The loom is also small enough to lean against a table if that’s a more comfortable weaving position for you.   There are holes drilled into the sides so that you can use the wooden blocks that are included to warp your loom. The loom is built out of poplar hardwood and shipped assembled and ready to use.

The Fred Tso Navajo Loom: Nice to Use and Nice to Look At

Fred is quite a talented artist and decorates each loom with a unique design.  No two of them are alike and you can contact me if you want something custom done for you.   We’ll talk with Fred to see if it’s feasible and let you know how long it will take him to do it for you.   We have about ten looms in stock, though, and I’ll  get one out to you as fast as I can.  I’ll try to post pictures of each one that I have over the next few days, but they are similar to those pictured above.  The standard loom is 16″x24″ and is priced at $100 plus shipping and handling.  The large model is 18″x30″ and it sells for $125 plus shipping and handling.     You can get a better idea of what they look like in use from the gallery of pictures below.  Click here to visit the “Fred” page in the Mercantile where you can buy one.  If you can’t wait, you can click here to buy a standard size loom or click here to buy a large size.  

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