Smoki Museum Rug Auction

After the auction, the Spider Rock Girls posed with Bruce Burnham

Today, I was at the Smoki Museum auction in Prescott, AZ.  Although this auction features quite a few vintage rugs, the Spider Rock Girls also consigned some of their recent weavings and sold most of them.  After the auction, I got a nice picture of them with trader and auctioneer Bruce Burnham.  From left in back are Larissa Blake, Kara Whitney, Emily Malone, Laramie Blake and Bruce Burnham.  Seated in front are LaVera Blake and Tara Whitney.

Although the market for Navajo textiles is a little soft in this economy, unique high quality weavings still attact the attention of collectors.  I added five weavings to the group of rugs that go to the weaving classes I coordinate.  I’ll share the pictures of those tomorrow.   There were 310 weavings in the auction, so its been a long day, but a lot of fun.

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