New Links! William Whitehair and Adopt a Native Elder


Weaver William Whitehair at his loom. Photo courtesy of John Aldrich.

I’ve just added two interesting new links to the site and I hope that you’ll enjoy both of them.  Weaver William Whitehair of Dinnebito, AZ has a web site link in the weaver’s section.  William weaves as part of a traditional Navajo lifeway that includes raising churro sheep, cattle, goats and horses.  William also acts as a caregiver for his mother.   His web site has an excellent gallery of his work, which ranges from traditional Teec Nos Pos patterns to innovative pieces like his Offerings rug pictured below.   William says that his inspiration for Offerings comes from “the morning dieties who watch over us and put good things in our paths”.


William Whitehair's Offerings represents the blessings bestowed by the Holy People. You can click for a closer view. Photo courtesy of John Aldrich.

Also added to the Weaving and Fiber Arts Resources section of the site is a link to Adopt a Native Elder, a highly respected non-profit organization dedicated to supporting efforts to help elderly Navajo people remain in their own homes as they age.  The organization provides many options for financial support and volunteer activities and also sponsors a large yearly rug sale in beautiful Park City, Utah.

Hagoshíí (so long for now)

Mary Walker

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