What Happens When the Rug Doesn’t Sell: Laramie Blake’s Burntwater

Laramie Blake with Burntwater Rug

I’m in Flagstaff, Arizona this weekend to do some appraisals and to attend the Flagstaff Cultural Partners Navajo Rug Auction, which was yesterday afternoon.  Twenty two year weaver Laramie Blake “caught a ride” to the auction with me.  She had a rug in the auction with a reserve bid of $600 and it didn’t sell.  It’s a pretty, medium sized Burntwater that you can see above and below. 

What’s Laramie going to do now?  She could wait for another auction two weeks from now or for the Weaver’s Day at the Heard Museum (more on that later this week), but she really can’t afford to.  She wants to stop at Garland’s in Sedona on the way home to sell the rug there but I thought I’d let you play Trader for a Day to provide Laramie with another outlet for her rug.  I know what you’re thinking.  No I can’t buy it because I bought two other rugs that didn’t sell yesterday and I really can’t buy ALL the rugs.  You can click here to buy the rug at Laramie’s reserve price or email me with a reasonable offer for Laramie to consider.  

If the rug doesn’t sell by the time we head home, I’ll let you know what happens at Garland’s!

Laramie's Burntwater

Hagoshíí (so long for now)

Mary Walker


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