A Circle of Giving

At the Adopt a Native Elder October 2008 Food Run at Sanders, one of the elders asked her daughter to see if  Linda Myers of ANE could get a “carding machine”.   Linda was not sure what the elder wanted and sent weaver Barbara Spelman to ask more questions, and determine what it was the elder was requesting.  After a few more questions , Barb ascertained that it indeed a carding machine (or drum carder) that the elder had seen.  The elder has cataracts and can no longer weave, but wanted to continue to participate in the weaving process by carding and spinning.  Hand carders were difficult for her to use.  Barbara was on the case.

Back in Tucson Barb made a mention to Vicky, owner of Grandmas Spinning Wheel,  local weaving, spinning, and knitting shop that should a used drum carder drop out of the sky,  she was interested.   Lo and behold, Vicky quickly said she was willing to donate the used one she had,  since she had recently purchased a larger one for the shop.   She would trade it for two soft churro fleeces.   Barbara knew that Mary Walker at Weaving in Beauty had some churro fleeces from Monument Valley High School’s Future Farmer’s program and Mary donated two of those to the cause in February.  In early May,  the drum carder was delivered to the elder during the ANE’s spring Sanders food run.  The following picture was taken at the May 2009 Food Run by Adopt a Native Elder photographer John Aldrich.  The elder is unidentified to protect her privacy, but was last seen feeding wool into the carder.

Barbara Spelman, right, with Adopt-A-Native-Elder recipient and her daughter.  Photo by John Aldrich

Barbara Spelman, right, with Adopt-A-Native-Elder recipient and her daughter. Photo by John Aldrich

Thanks to Mary Weinzirl for the material for this article and to Barbara Spelman for better giving through barter!

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  1. Mary Walker on June 12, 2009 at 5:25 pm

    I’ve asked Adopt A Native Elder about this issue, Sandy.

  2. Sandy Gally on June 9, 2009 at 8:59 pm

    I was wondering what it would take and how much it would cost to raise or donate money for cataract surgery. There are probably reasons against this but I just can help but wondering….