Mini Sheep Is Life In Ganado, AZ This Saturday

I know it’s short notice, but the Hubbell Trading Post Historic Site and Sheep is Life will be holding a Mini Sheep is Life Celebration this coming Saturday, June 30 in Ganado, AZ. Workshops will offered on Traditional Rope Braiding and Diné Horse Cinch Weaving. Workshops are $30 each or $50 for both. Other events during the celebration include a Sheep to Loom demonstration and a sheep shearing contest.

I recently attended part of the Sheep is Life Celebration in Tsaile, AZ and it was a really nice and refreshingly low key event. Rachel Dahozy and I teamed up to do some wool dyeing and we got some really nice results as you can see from this picture. Yarns Dyed at 2007 Sheep is LifeI handled the non-native dye pots and used freeze dried indigo and cochineal. Rachel and some other participants harvested wild carrots, which gave us some nice yellows. Since we had blue from indigo and reds from the cochineal, we had all three primary colors and got come nice overdye combinations like the turquoise green at the lower left.

The Hubbell site opens at 8 A.M. Mountain Daylight Time and events start at 10. You can get more information by contacting Roy Kady at (928) 656-3498 or Anne Worthington at (928) 755-3475. If you go, please consider sharing your experience with us!

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