Heard Museum Indian Market Part II-Roy Kady and Family, Brenda Spencer

The Kady Family and Brenda Spencer at the 2008 Heard Museum Indian Market

After I’d seen Marilou and Martha Schultz, I quickly checked my program and found that Roy Kady, D.Y. Begay and TahNiiBaa Naataanii were where they usually are, which is behind the museum.  While I was chatting with Roy, Brenda Spencer came up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder.  That’s Brenda at the right in the picture above.  She is working at the Arizona Public Service plant in St. John’s Arizona and weaving in her spare time.  It’s great to have her back in Arizona, but I know that her friends in Dallas miss her.

Also in this picture from left are Tyra Richards, Roy Kady’s mother, Mary and Roy.  The skeins of wool behind Roy are millspun Navajo-Churro wool that Roy uses in his work, often custom dyeing them to achieve the colors he wants.  He had won an award for the tack set that you can see behind him.  I also got a picture of Roy with his prize winning set, which you can see below.


Roy will be participating the 8th Annual Dibe’ Nitsaa Sheep and Wool Days in Teec Nos Pos on May 16, 17, and 18.  More on this event later this week.   Roy and his family continue their support and encouragement of the traditional Navajo lifeway and it is good to see his work earning awards.

That’s all for this evening.  Tomorrow morning, I’ll post a picture of Tyra’s rug and we’ll visit with D.Y. Begay

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