Advanced Weaving Seminar: Day 1

Today we began our second seminar for advanced weavers who use Navajo techniques. We’re in Window Rock at the Quality Inn Navajo Nation Capital. This class is designed as a small (five student maximum class for weavers who are interested in extending their skills or researching aspects of Navajo technique.  This year’s group includes weavers interested in advanced design, complex twill saddle cinches and weaving with handspun yarns.

The Gallup Inter-tribal Ceremonial is still underway about 24 miles from here, and some of us are planning a little foray over to at least the arts and crafts exhibit hall tomorrow afternoon. This year’s Ceremonial is exciting for weavers because The Best in Show winner this year is a rug by Grace Nez of Ganado, Arizona. You can see a picture of it at the Gallup Independent’s web site and it looks like a very large Klagetoh style rug. It has a price tag of $38,000 and it will interesting to see if it is sold by the end of Ceremonial on Sunday.

I’ll post some pictures of the advanced weaving class tomorrow and I’ll send along any updates that I get on the Ceremonial.

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