Weave Got to Talk Forum Moved to New Site Architecture

It's always fun to talk things over.

It's always fun to talk about weaving.

As a part of the integration of the changes that I’ve made in the site over the last few months, our Weave Got to Talk discussion forum has moved to a new address and now has a link from this page.  If you had a membership in the old forum, I’ve created a membership for you in the new forum.

The forum is an opportunity to increase the community aspect of the site and to share your thoughts, questions and work with others who have similar interests.  You can upload up to two pictures to the forum in each of your posts.  If you would like to join the discussion, just register and you’ll receive a password shortly.  To reduce the possibility of spam, both the registration and posting processes are subject to moderation.  Members are asked to stay on topic, refrain from profanity and personal attacks and to report any activity that does not conform to these rules.

I’ve tested the forum functionality and things seem to be working, but please contact me if you encounter any issues.

Mary Walker

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