Rug of the Day: Happy Easter with the Window Rock Wave

Window Rock Wave

The effect of a curve in this rug is purely an optical illusion.

Tempe, AZ We’re going back into the picture library nearly six years today to look at a student weaving that just made me think of  Easter when I was picking out the picture for today.  Above, you see a piece by student Jean Walbridge as she was weaving it.  She had arrived in class with a picture of a Transitional Blanket that had the same curvilinear effect that you see above.  “How was that done?”, Jean asked.  “Darned if I know”, I thought, but I have to admit, I was intrigued.  I knew enough about tapestry to know that curved effects are produced based on ratios of number of warps per inch to rows of wefts and that sometimes areas are built up to create curves, but that was about it.  As I  looked closely at the picture, which was supplied by Mark Sublette of the Medicine Man Gallery, I realized that the resolution was good enough that I could actually see the relationship of warps to wefts.  I could tell  that the curve started with five warps and that there were fifteen warps in between the bottom of each curve.  Further, the design was a simple diagonal that advanced on each side until there were five warps left from the original 15, where the diagonals were ended and the illusion of a curve was created at the top of the wave.   If you’re a weaver, give it a try!  Personally, I’m still amazed every time I do it.   If you’re not a weaver, you’re probably already so bored that your eyeballs have fallen out of your head or you clicked over the Medicine Man Gallery and realized that they have a wonderful display of Transitional Blankets right now and you’re not even reading this.

Jean used Burnham’s Trading Post Yarn in size #1 and her warp had eight ends per inch.  The yarns were vegetally dyed by Marie Begay.  The picture was taken on August 16th, 2005 using a Canon Powershot A95.

I have a natural dye class all day tomorrow and I need to add some things to the online store, so there won’t be another Rug of the Day until Monday.   Have a wonderful weekend!

Hagoshíí (so long for now)

Mary Walker

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  1. Ann/redcheek2 on April 22, 2011 at 6:04 pm

    Oh I love your natural dye classes! Wish I was in Phoenix! Thank you for digging this up as I really love this rug and how you explained it! Thank you!