Rug of the Day: A New Storm by Marlowe Katoney

Marlowe Katoney with A New Storm

Prescott, AZ  I love my job.  I get to help people care for their Navajo textiles.  I get to coordinate classes so that people can learn to weave the Navajo way.  I get to meet weavers.  Last Saturday, I met an exciting young weaver at the Smoki Museum rug auction and I’d like you to meet him too.  Marlowe Katoney, of Winslow, Arizona wove the Rug of the Day, his fresh and contemporary take on the Storm Pattern.  Marlowe wanted to learn how curved lines are woven, so he incorporated them into his design.  One the left side of the pattern, he used elements that you’d expect in a traditional Storm Pattern.  One the right, an open umbrella deflects a downpour from a well-shaped curvilinear cloud.  It’s an effective study indeed. 

Marlowe is weaving about 14 hours a day right now to complete a commission that is due in September.  He is planning to be at the R.B. Burnham and Co. Canyonlands Natural History Navajo Rug Auction in Moab, Utah on September 10th, and I hope that he’ll also have some work ready for the Friends of Hubbell auction on September 17th.  He has some interesting and exciting ideas on extending the market for Navajo textiles and it will be fascinating to see how these are reflected in his future work.  How did Marlowe’s Storm Pattern do at the auction?  You guessed it; I bought it. It has now been sold to a collector who is a great supporter of contemporary Navajo weaving.   You can see a close-up view of it below.  Hover your mouse of the image to enlarge any portion of it. 

New Storm by Marlowe Katoney

Hagoshíí (so long for now)

Mary Walker

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  1. Marlowe on August 8, 2011 at 7:32 pm

    Sandy and Mary,

    Thank you so much for your interest in comments. I try to put a different perspective on what someone else may expect out of a weaving. I used to be a painter so I try to bring those skills sets to weaving. I love weaving and never before two years ago did I ever think that I would learn how to weave. It was intimidating and daunting to me. It’s still all very startling to me. I hope you attend a Burnham auction that’s usually where you’ll find me and my weavings, in particular R.B. Burnham auctions.
    Currently, I’m working on a commission for the Moab auction. It’s a pictorial that depicts Delicate Arch. I’ll post it below.


  2. Kathy Bernett on August 2, 2011 at 11:08 am

    Mary, I love the humor of the umbrella in the “storm” pattern. You certain find the best of the best when you go rug hunting.

  3. Sandy Gally on July 31, 2011 at 8:13 am

    Mary,Marlowe’s rug is exceptional and I feel his name and weavings will be well know very soon. Wish I had been at the auction but was still in Colorado.

    The very best to you Marlowe. It will be exciting to see your growth.