Meet the Weavers: Nellie Glasses


Nellie Glasses (left) and Weaving in Beauty web master Mary Walker hold one of Nellie's weavings.

Nellie Glasses made the long trip from her home near Rough Rock, Arizona to the recent Pueblo Grande Rug auction in Phoenix.  Nellie’s work often includes hand carded and handspun yarns and is very traditional.  She occasionally does sandpainting and tufted rugs.  She sometimes uses native plant materials such as Navajo tea and wild carrot to dye her yarns.   Nellie learned to weave from her grandmother, who encouraged her by telling her that her weaving skills would ensure that she would never go hungry.  Nellie and her husband Ken have seven adult children, some of whom are weavers.

Nellie finds that her work sells best in auction venues and she frequently markets her pieces at the Crownpoint Rug Auction and the Friends of Hubbell Native Arts Auction.  The handsome generous saddleblanket sized rug that Nellie and web master Mary Walker are holding in the picture above includes well matched hand spun and commercial yarns, is very floor worthy and may be purchased from the Weaving in Beauty Mercantile at a price that reflects the fair trade acquisition price that was paid to Nellie at the auction.  (Note: this rug has been sold, but please contact me if you are interested in a weaving by Nellie.)

Mary Walker

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