Jennie Slick’s Weaving a Winner at Inter-tribal Ceremonial

I’ve just learned from a reliable source (the owner of the rug) that Jennie Slick’s Third Phase Chief Blanket weaving has won a second prize ribbon at the 87th Inter-tribal Ceremonial currently underway in Gallup, NM.  I’ll be attending  the Ceremonial this weekend, so I hope to have more reports on the weavers and weavings at the event.

Here’s a picture of Jennie (on the right) with her prize winner and it’s also in this year’s Weaving in Beauty Calendar.  That’s Jennie’ mother, Anna Ashley, aged 90, on the left.

Weaver Jennie Slick (right) and her mother Anna Ashley show a Third Phase Chief Blanket that Jennie completed last winter.

Weaver Jennie Slick (right) and her mother Anna Ashley with Jennie's prize winning Third Phase Chief Blanket.

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