High Water at Canyon de Chelly


Tour vehicles head into Canyon de Chelly.

Window Rock, AZ A very deep and welcome snow pack in the Chuska Mountains has led to historically high water in Canyon de Chelly, about 67 miles from Window Rock.  The canyon was even closed to tours during late April, but the waters have receded enough in the last week or so to allow people to venture back in.   There is  still a lot of water and Thunderbird Lodge was using their large amphibious vehicles for most tours.  There were also plenty of tour guides using standard SUV’s in the canyon, but the open top of the Thunderbird Lodge trucks makes for some great sightseeing.  We returned to Window Rock through Tsaile and spied the guard llama below near the Snake Rocks north of Navajo, New Mexico.  In Navajo, the llama is called tł’izi bida’i (the goat’s uncle).


A guard llama (tł’ixi bida’i) at the Snake Rocks near Navajo, NM.

Depending on the weather, we’ll either be heading for Gallup or doing some work with natural dyes tomorrow.

Hagoshíí (so long for now)

Mary Walker

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