Florence Riggs’ Pictorial Sold and Happy Birthday to Florence!

Florence Riggs brought her hogan interior weaving to the Gathering of Weavers at the Heard Museum. It’s woven from Brown Sheep’s finer weight yarn and is set at 10 warps per inch. There are over 50 rows in each inch!  Florence’s weaving didn’t find a buyer at the Heard, so its still for sale directly from Florence at $2000.  You can contact her via email at riggs.florence@gmail.com.  The Heard Museum Shop purchased the rug.  Thanks to everyone for your interest, but Florence had to pay the bills!Weaving in Beauty has no financial interest in the sale; this rug is offered directly from Florence.  She’s celebrating her birthday today, so the sale of the rug would be a nice present, but don’t let that stop if you read this tomorrow.  

Florence Riggs Hogan Design Pictorial

The rug is a design that evokes that traditional Navajo hogan and features a weaver working at her loom with a perhaps a young protegé looking on.  The men of the family are having some coffee and might be telling stories or discussing the news of the day.  The family jewelry is neatly hung on a rod and a saddle and saddle blanket are protected within the hogan, ready for their next outing.  This is one of Florence’s signature designs and her work is held in many important collections, including the Heard Museum where Florence was the signature artist at this year’s Indian Market and featured in the Picture This! exhibit of pictorial weaving.  Florence resides in Tuba City, Arizona and learned to weave from her mother, Louise Nez, who is pictured with her below.  

Florence Riggs and Louise Nez

New layer…
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