An Alice Van Winkle Thompson Weaving on The Loom


A detail of a Ganado Red rug being woven by Alice Van Winkle Thompson and her daughter-in-law Glenda.

Tempe, AZ Alice Van Winkle Thompson and her daughter-in-law Glenda are approaching completion of the Ganado Red rug in the picture above.  It is woven with Brown Sheep yarn that’s been re-spun so that it’s more tightly twisted for better design definition.  Alice and Glenda have chosen colors that are just a little different from the standard Ganado Red palette, so the rug looks very unique.  Alice comes from a large weaving family and is the sister of Lillian Joe.    She is from the Crystal, NM area, near Window Rock, but is weaving the rug in Phoenix.    The weaving is described as being 26.5″x42″, but I’m not sure if those are the finished dimensions.

Alice is finding it difficult to sell to traders right now and has been successful in working directly with collectors.  I wasn’t given a price range on this rug, but some of the collectors that I know report that Alice is excellent to work with and that her work is affordable and priced competitively considering the quality involved.  If you’re interested in this weaving, you can contact Alice directly at 575-707-8435.  You can also contact Glenda at 602-299-0054.

Below are two additional pictures of the weaving and you can click on any of the photographs for a larger view.



Thanks to weaving enthusiast Joe Newman for sending along the pictures of Alice and Glenda’s rug!

Hagoshíí (so long for now)

Mary Walker

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