2009 Heard Museum Guild Indian Market: Part II

For me, the best time to go to the Heard Museum Guild Indian Market is right at opening time on Sunday morning.  It usually gives me about three hours when I can chat with the weavers and take pictures without taking time away from a potential buyer.  The Heard is not a show with a lot weavers because of the costs involved in participation, but it is a venue for top weavers,  cutting edge design and impeccable craftsmanship.

Sallie Parker has been a Heard demonstrator for the last couple of years and her versatility is really amazing.  My eye went immediately to the one-shoulder interpretation of the traditional biil dress that Sallie is standing in front of.   Look at the intricacy of the border and neckline, which requires special treatment of the warp threads.  Be sure to click on the picture if you’d like a larger view.


This off-shouldered dress weaving is a variation on a traditional Hopi style by weaver Sallie Parker .

Like some other weavers, Sallie is also experimenting with small purses.  She had a lined and zippered bag with a different pattern on each side as you’ll see in the pictures below.


Side one of Sallie Parker's small purse.


Side two of Sallie's purse

Sallie lives in the Phoenix area and can be reached at 623-692-5419 if you would like more information on her weavings.

Well, my coffee cup is empty and there are rugs to fix in the studio, so I’ll publish this and we’ll visit with Sarah Natani and her daughter TahNiiBaa tomorrow.

Mary Walker

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