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Archive for October 2013

Send in the Clones Part II: The Pueblo Grande Museum Navajo Rug Auction and Gathering of Weavers

If you read yesterday’s article, you understand why I’m going to the Gathering of Weavers: Navajo Weavers Marketplace at the Heard Museum on November 2.  Today, I’m going to extol the virtues of the Pueblo Grand Annual Navajo Rug Auction and then you’ll understand why I can’t pass that event up either.   What’s the…

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Send in the Clones Part I: The Gathering of Weavers and the Pueblo Grande Navajo Rug Auction

Sometimes I wonder if the quantum physicists are right about being able to be in two places at once.  It would really come in handy this coming Saturday.  There are two major weaving events that are happening in Phoenix and I’m going to do my best to get to both of them.  Let’s talk about…

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What Happens When the Rug Doesn’t Sell: Laramie Blake’s Burntwater

I’m in Flagstaff, Arizona this weekend to do some appraisals and to attend the Flagstaff Cultural Partners Navajo Rug Auction, which was yesterday afternoon.  Twenty two year weaver Laramie Blake “caught a ride” to the auction with me.  She had a rug in the auction with a reserve bid of $600 and it didn’t sell.…

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