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Rug of the Day: Two-Sided Burntwater by Lola Cody

Tempe, AZ Lola Cody is noted for her weaving in general, but is particularly famous for her work with weft-faced double weave, which when combined with other Navajo techniques produces a weaving with two sides.   In a conventional Navajo weaving, there are two paths or “sheds” for the weft threads to follow.  A two-sided piece…

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Rug of the Day: The Zoned Diamonds of Verna Smith

Tempe, AZ Verna Smith’s meticulous blending of color and masterful weaving technique would be striking even without her eye-catching use of zones of contrasting design.  With her design sense, her weaving is recognizable as soon as you see it.  In the piece above, photographed last year at Richardson’s Trading Post in Gallup, New Mexico, using…

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