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Archive for January 2010

Southwest Indian Art Fair Rescued and Rescheduled by Tohono O’odham at Desert Diamond Casino

Tucson, AZ Just a quick post to let you know that the Desert Diamond Casino, owned by the Tohono O’odham tribe, has stepped in to reschedule and sponsor the previously cancelled Southwest Indian Art Fair.   Information on the event and artist applications are available by clicking here.  Thanks to Mary Weinzirl for letting me know!…

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Some News from Morris Muskett (And He’s Having a Jewelry Sale)

Tempe, AZ Weaver and silversmith Morris Muskett is having a 20% off sale on his jewelry at, but you’ll need to click fast because the sale ends today, January 20th.    Morris also wanted to let people know that he will be doing a talk entitled Hozho: Art by Morris Muskett on February 5th at…

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Navajo Blankets from the Late Classic Period: Old Territorial Shop

Navajo Blankets from the Late Classic Period Old Territorial Indian Arts Gallery 03/04/10 – 03/06/10 Meet Tyrone Campbell, author and noted textile authority, who will be bringing a collection of fine historic Navajo, Pueblo and Rio Grande weavings for sale. Learn the colorful history of weaving in the southwest! Curious about your textile? Free casual…

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A Germantown Contemporary: The Navajo Wedge Weave

Tempe, AZ During the 1870’s, Navajo weavers developed a new way of achieving the lightning bolt designs of their famous eye dazzlers.  Called a wedge weave, the technique involves weaving diagonal stripes which distort the vertical orientation of the warp threads, creating a scalloped edge.   My friends Liz Munk, who uses wedge weave quite a…

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