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New Links! William Whitehair and Adopt a Native Elder

I’ve just added two interesting new links to the site and I hope that you’ll enjoy both of them.  Weaver William Whitehair of Dinnebito, AZ has a web site link in the weaver’s section.  William weaves as part of a traditional Navajo lifeway that includes raising churro sheep, cattle, goats and horses.  William also acts…

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2009 Heard Museum Guild Indian Market: D.Y. Begay and Berdina Charley

D.Y. Begay’s sisters, Berdina and Berdine are getting serious about their weaving and brought some of their work to this year’s Indian Market.  Berdina’s work, seen above in the two pieces in the left of the picture has strong graphic impact and a contemporary focus.  Every time I look at the pictures, I find that…

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