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A Round Sandpainting Rug by Marie H. Yazzie and An Encounter with Hastiin Klah

Tempe, AZ   I always spend longer than I plan to in the Toadlena/Two Grey Hills area and I came across the picture above when I was scouting out the Evelyn George picture in the previous entry.   To weave a round rug using Navajo techniques is to be initiated into some closely guarded secrets for both…

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Evelyn George’s Rug of the Day and Mark Winter’s Magnum Opus

Tempe, AZ   The Two Grey Hills design is one of the patterns that leap immediately into people’s minds when they think of Navajo weaving.   The browns, beiges, blacks and grays that form the Two Grey Hills palette harmonize with many different decorating schemes and the color limitations seem to spark the creativity of…

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