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2011 Heard Museum Indian Market, A Walk in the Sunshine: Part II


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Phoenix, AZ Let’s visit with a few more weavers at the Heard Museum Guild Indian Market!  Heading toward the east side of the show, I stopped and talked with Geneva Scott Shabi and her sister Brenda Spencer.  Geneva’s large Ganado Red Wide Ruins rug was sporting a large and …

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2009 Heard Museum Guild Indian Market: Part IV (TahNiiBaa Naataanii)

Every year, TahNiiBaa Naataanii seems to grow more proficient and creative as an artist and craftsperson.  Each piece that she had displayed this year reflected a unique composition united by TahNiiBaa’s skill in the realization of her vision.   She has been working with shaped weavings for several years and wore one of her creations as …

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