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Navajo Blankets from the Late Classic Period: Old Territorial Shop

Navajo Blankets from the Late Classic Period Old Territorial Indian Arts Gallery 03/04/10 – 03/06/10 Meet Tyrone Campbell, author and noted textile authority, who will be bringing a collection of fine historic Navajo, Pueblo and Rio Grande weavings for sale. Learn the colorful history of weaving in the southwest! Curious about your textile? Free casual…

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A Germantown Contemporary: The Navajo Wedge Weave

Tempe, AZ During the 1870’s, Navajo weavers developed a new way of achieving the lightning bolt designs of their famous eye dazzlers.  Called a wedge weave, the technique involves weaving diagonal stripes which distort the vertical orientation of the warp threads, creating a scalloped edge.   My friends Liz Munk, who uses wedge weave quite a…

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