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Gerard Begay’s Poncho: Returning to the Roots of Navajo Weaving

Most of us think of the rug as the quintessential product of Navajo weaving but pieces like Gerard Begay’s poncho, woven for the just concluded Santa Fe Indian Market, go back to the times when Navajo weaving was woven mainly for use by Navajo people.  The rug as a floor-covering is a collaboration between traders …

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Crownpoint Rug Auction Update: Auction Scheduled for September 12

Here’s a brief Crownpoint Rug Auction update. According to the auction’s Facebook page and web site, an auction will be held on September 12, which would have been the originally scheduled date.  I would advise contacting those sources for the latest information and to confirm the date before you travel to the auction.
Hagoshíí (so long …

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